Hello from The Hudson Oven! Want to join us in our garage bakery?

We are looking for an enthusiastic baker's apprentice who is willing to be part of a really fun project. Compensation will depend on skill level. An unpaid position to begin is likely, until skills are developed which warrant a compensation discussion. Our dough preparation occurs on most Saturday mornings and bakes are early on Sunday mornings. These are the expected work days.

Baking commercial quantities of long fermentation sourdough in a wood fired masonry oven is not for the faint of heart. The process itself has many lessons to teach and we look forward to the opportunity of learning some lessons with you!

Top picks for the first round will move on to the second round. We will set up a time for a casual video meeting to get to know one another better and work out some details. Top picks from the second round will then be asked to meet in person from which a final decision will be made.

If you have not already, please hone your home sourdough baking skills. Previous experience with sourdough starter maintenance and home baking will help your submission!

We will get back to you shortly.


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