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Updated: Feb 6

Nyack, South Broadway. Between Salonniere Coffee Bar and Gene Reed’s Gallery to make our third Bread delivery of the day.

Buzz Buzz, an anticipated message from Joe Povella at Hudson River Brewery arrives in my pocket along with a sense of urgency. He’s passing along a location pin to where the Schooner Apollonia is. As the map loads on my phone, a small pin surrounded by blue appears and I have to zoom out to gain reference points. This wind powered sail freight ship appears to be just between Jone’s Point and Peekskill heading South fast.

We are both about 8 miles from our meeting point in Ossining, NY. With a final delivery of bread destined for Sing Sing Kill Brewery for member pickup I hurry back to my truck and begin to venture North to meet the sailors. On my way East over the Tappan Zee I experience a strong North wind which only further solidifies the legendary nature of the Schooner Apollonia’s existence. As they ride a favorable wind and tide South I motor on upstream to greet them at the shore in Ossining.

On my way past First Village Coffee down Main Street Ossining I catch glimpses of their ship already anchored offshore and proceed to the beach. Already ashore, Sailor Sam Merrett stands with Sherif Hassan of Hudson Roots and Nik Bucci of Cottage Studios. Matthew Soltesz Ship Mate on the Apollonia, is rowing in some 60 yards with a dinghy full of freshly milled flour and rolled oats from Sparrow Bush Bakery in Livingston, NY (80 Miles N).

This rich exercise of receiving regional goods via the Schooner Apollonia sail freight sets the boom high for what it means to be regionally minded. Utilizing the wind and tide energy of the mighty Hudson River and its Valley, the Schooner Apollonia moves at a tempo set by the geographic region we reside in.

Sailing and shipping as far North as Hudson, NY and as far South as Manhattan Island and Williamsburg Brooklyn, the Apollonia exemplifies what it means to marry history with Innovation to find solutions for the present.

These Heroes of Hudson River freight are making history and leading by example. Visit their website and learn how you can engage with their mission and even take delivery of wind powered goods in the 2022 season.

Locally, the Schooner Apollonia has delivered to the following businesses.

Malted grains to Sing Sing Kill Brewery in Ossining (All malted Barley since October 2020 has been shipped via the Apollonia.)

Malted Grains to Hudson River Brewery of Cortlandt Manor

Roasted Coffee to First Village Coffee in Ossining

Flour and rolled Oats to us at The Hudson Oven in Ossining.

Either you meet them at the beach or they can deliver using their electric high capacity bicycle!


Social Media: @schooner_apollonia

Blog post by Chase Harnett of The Hudson Oven

Photos by Nik Bucci of Cottage Studios and gleaned from

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