The Subscription

Please read and submit the application below.

By applying for this program you may be able to join an exclusive group of people who have access to a weekly (digital) bread market.


​You can claim your own Hudson Oven curated, bread experience without worry of our offerings selling out.

By applying for this membership and providing your town or city of residence, we will choose the most central and convenient towns to set up our bread box pickup program.

Important: The more applications we get from any given town the more likely it is for us to set up a pickup there and for you to become a member. So share this program with local friends and family!


Each box is reserved based on a monthly subscription.


Once you are assigned a box to call your own, you will have exclusive access to our bread offerings and can order from it weekly. Your pickup experience will be curated by us and will involve a collaboration with a small business in your town.

When we offer our Hudson Valley Country Loaves you will be the first to know and the first to have access to ordering them. A date and time will be shared for pickup. For now, there is no set schedule but our goal is to develop one that you can rely on.

By applying for this program you can be one of the first to secure a reliable way to get Hudson Oven baked goods!

Bread Breaker Application

Your address information is protected and will not be shared. We need your FULL address to determine the most convenient pick up location for you.

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