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Hello, Curious Individual!

You just discovered a Hudson Oven Sourdough Pickup Point!

Here at The Hudson Oven we reward Curiosity

Use the Discount Code (CURIOSITY) when ordering your first Sourdough Loaf to get 100% off

(1 use per customer)

This Vintage Filing Cabinet is used as a middleman to deliver Freshly Baked Organic Sourdough to people like you.

As a Micro-bakery focused on producing the best possible Regional and Organic Sourdough we prefer to sell our breads directly to committed customers. We bake and deliver to this locker once per week for our Founding Members and occasionally to the general public.

Customers can engage with our business in two ways. For the serious sourdough lover, you can sign up for a Founding Membership where a monthly fee gains your access to a heavily discounted online baked good store.

The second way to engage is to subscribe to our email list at the bottom of this page and await for emails from us announcing public Bread Sales, Sourdough Scavenger Hunts, and opportunities to order seasonal treats.

The Founder and Baker

Chase Fox Harnett


Pickup Locations, Times and Map Links

Friday Pickup

Ossining at Sing Sing Kill Brewery (12:30-9:30 PM)

Croton at Black Cow Coffee Co. (8AM - 7PM)

Tarrytown at Maker's Central (10AM - 10 PM)

Dobbs Ferry at HudCo (9AM - 6 PM)

White Plains at Wolf and Warrior Brewing Co (12 - 10PM)

Nyack at Gene Reed Gallery (10:15AM - 5:45 PM)

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