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Bucci Coffee Co.

Every product has its category. The one we are sharing with you now is a standout in its category by nature. Nik Bucci at Bucci Coffee Co makes the purest most meticulously produced Cold Brew coffee you have ever tasted. The brew process includes obsessive detail in each step especially when milling, sifting and filtering the brew. When interacting with his business, whether you are ordering your weekly bag of single origin Fair Trade beans or trying to secure a fresh bottle of his cold brew coffee bottled in cobalt blue glass, your experience will leave you feeling like no detail was overlooked. Bucci’s background in engineering shows itself in the form of handmade coffee grinding and sifting equipment in an effort to produce a product uniquely different from others on the market.

Nik graduated from the University of Vermont in December of 2016 and started Bucci Coffee Co in 2017 after three months of global travel practicing another passion of his, storytelling through photography. This skill pairs well with his coffee products and offers an immersive experience for customers he attracts. To see what we mean, give him a follow on Instagram and order some whole beans and or cold brew for the week. We know you will enjoy the experience and the products that arrive at your door.

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