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A banner color of red means no Sourdough Scavenger Hunt.

A green banner color indicates that the cabinet will be set out on Sunday Morning.


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Hudson Valley Sourdough

The Bake

Each batch is unique. The Hudson Oven is here to offer you the sourdough bread that your hometown was meant to have. Currently we are trying to develop a steady client base that is willing to pick up their fresh sourdough once a week. The pickup location is always changing, so Subscribe to stay up to date on when and where to pick up your bread! The flour we use is grown and milled organically by the best in the business within 200 miles of where we bake it.


Wood Fired Pizza

There is nothing like pizza made in a wood burning oven. Our Pizza pop-ups showcase what our region has to offer with every ingredient involved being sourced within 200 miles of where it is served.

Organic Flour

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Based in Ossining, NY