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Artisanal Baked Goods Made Simple

Just add water!

Shipped to your door

"A Great Experiential Gift!"
- Jen

"Must Have List for 2022!"
Serendipity Magazine


"We tried your pizza brick for the first time today and I wanted to let you know what a fabulous product you have created!!! Loved how tender the dough was and how thin I could get it. I've been struggling with this with my doughs so was thrilled with your product!"

- Mrs. Alexander

The Hudson Oven is a regionally minded business focused on contributing to a sustainable grain economy in the North East. We personally know our farmers and millers and strongly believe in their Organic and sustainable farming practices. Our goal is to share the best of what our grain producing region has to offer. What better way than to share the experience of making fresh bread and pizza dough with north east households.


Our north east grown grain is milled fresh to order and our bricks are the perfect way to taste what the region’s grain economy has to offer. Each brick includes a QR code linking to How-To videos featuring the founder and head baker at The Hudson Oven, Chase Harnett. These Brick Mixes are designed to be enjoyed in any kitchen with no special equipment.


Bricks and Bread are the foundation of civilizations. Engage in the foundational exercise of turning freshly milled flour into bread in any kitchen! We handled the complexity of sourcing and mixing regional ingredients so that the user can focus on the experience of what it means to make fresh bread and pizza at home.

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