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Hudson River Brewery Consumable Craft (Beer)

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Consumable Craft, in the most literal sense of the phrase, is differentiated from other types of craft by the longevity of the product produced. Although often produced with shelf life in mind, these consumable products will rarely live out their life expectancy in the face of appreciative eaters and drinkers. Those focused on producing a product meant to be enjoyed through culinary experiences takes a certain breed of craftsperson. To know that what they are pouring their attention, creative energy and love into will likely not be around by the end of the season, shows that they produce with enriched experience in mind. To produce culinary experiences, whether it is food or beverage, means to understand the magic that ingredients have to transcend the simple compilation of those ingredients.

Today, we would like to introduce you to an alchemist of fermented liquids. A beer brewer who follows the same ethic of locally sourced ingredients that demands nothing but respect and admiration. Joe Povella of Hudson River Brewery has what he claims to be a simple goal with his micro-brewery. “To Produce the best beer”. He recognizes the role that regionally sourced ingredients play in producing a superior product and has developed strong relationships with many of the grain producers and malt houses the region has to offer.

One of his favorites is Hudson Valley Malt. This malt house follows the age old practice of germinating wheat seeds to activate the enzymatic process of turning starch into sugar. Once the grain is hydrated and germinated, it is then turned by hand. A casual reference of measurement for this process is by the “room full” mind you. All this is to say Joe works with craftspeople and producers who share the same value of work ethic. This natural starch conversion provides the sugar that brewers yeast eats and turns into alcohol.

Now, considering we can’t offer you alcoholic beverages we have decided to use Joe’s beer to make our sourdough bread! This collaboration is the perfect combination of two different fermented products which are built on a foundation of quality grains grown and processed with care. Our flour, made with hard spring wheat was combined with Hudson River Breweries Oatmeal Stout which utilizes, two row grains, flaked oats, chocolate malts, roasted barley and cascade hops all sourced from the aforementioned malt house located in Germantown, NY.

Please keep in mind, Joe and his brewery are still in the developmental stages although the quality of his beers surpass this profile. His operation is much like the flavor profile of the oatmeal stout, bursting at the seams. He is currently looking for space to expand the operation beyond his startup sized set up and is looking forward to the day that he will have ample quantities of beer to enrich the experiences of all those he knows and more.

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