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The Treasure Chest

A beautiful thing it can be.

Efficiency, that is.

Not so fast.

For what is efficiency without an ethic?

Ethics aside, production efficiency is a compilation of the lowest cost, least hassle materials, goods or services. Starting in 1760 efficiency has driven industry around the globe. Throughout the Industrial Revolution, the world’s most powerful economies plowed full steam ahead in the most efficient ways possible. By connecting corners of the country with railroads and trenching waterways through continents to connect oceans, society was able to reduce the cost of transporting and producing raw materials and goods. We now live in a world shaped by efficiency without ethics.

Occasionally, you may be lucky enough to stumble upon a person, place or thing which represents the antagonist to this narrative. In today’s verbiage, this person is a craftsperson. A creator of a good or service who has a set of ethics they follow. Whether the nature of these ethics are moral, aesthetic, inclusive and or sustainable there is some driving force other than the bottom line. A force so imbedded in the creator that it cannot be ignored.

Craftspeople and the products and experiences they create are what we intend to compile and share through this program.

We want to assist in sharing these efforts and we can think of no better way than to occasionally offer a box full of goods from a craftsperson of our choice. Otherwise known as "The Treasure Chest”, an antique wooden box will be randomly present at our sourdough Sunday Bread Shed experiences.

This new addition to the sourdough Sunday Bread Shed experience is our way of promoting the products, services and craftspeople we think are worth celebrating.

We admire those who have the gumption to create and want you to admire them as well. Keep an eye out for this box full of treasures at your next Bread Shed experience. It may contain items made by someone very much worth knowing about.

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